The Holy Grail of Horsemanship

Lucky you to be horse crazy!
If horses hold an immediate, inexplicable allure for you, you’re one of the lucky ones! Turns out, being a little horse-crazy comes with a huge benefit: Horses are the training wheels for developing empathy, trust and communication. Horses have no egos and have a way of rewarding us when we keep our own egos in check—paying close attention, regulating our energy, staying patient and reserving judgment. We can create heart-based connections with horses based on mutual trust and respect, and treating each horse as an individual.

Just now. And now. This second.
Just like humans, horses can show up in our lives with fears and emotional baggage from past experiences. While humans mix the past with the present and project what might happen into the future, horses don’t. They have long memories, but stay in the present. They can immediately discern energy levels, intention and congruence within each new encounter. To be on the receiving end of a horse’s prey animal senses while creating a relationship with one, is a lesson in honesty, congruency and integrity when we just take the time to notice. As soon as we do, horses help us recognize when our egos are not even serving our own desires.

Your egoless master.
With a horse’s egoless, pure-in-each-moment form of biofeedback, we are able to learn how to skip the judgment phase when things don’t go as planned. Other options: We can chill, go more slowly, go back to what worked last, get creative, or just try something new. When we prioritize the relationship, we learn to let go and move on—knowing if we don’t, we’ll get to face the same choices next time. Horses have a lot of patience for our blunders. Mastering empathy, trust and communication isn’t for the faint of heart and horses sense when we’re trying.

WANTED: Muses, teachers, healers, friends and partners.
I’m so happy more and more people are recognizing horses for what they teach us. How can a horse be “unwanted” when they offer teaching gifts whether on the ground or being ridden? Let’s connect more people with more horses in more ways. Do you have ideas for doing that? Please post in the comments below to inspire us all!

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