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On the way to a horse dream

When it comes to having horses in our lives, we often start with one dream or agenda, then end up telling horse stories about the muses, teachers, healers, friends and partners the horses become for us on a deeper level—on the way to our dream. These are the stories that help others along their paths of connecting with horses, so if you have one of those stories you can share:

  1. Please leave your name and email (email won’t be visible to public) in a comment below with a short description of your story to let me know you’re interested.
  2. If you haven’t already gotten on our email list, please enter your name and email in the sign-up box in the sidebar on the right (to see it on mobile device, scroll down to bottom of page and choose “Desktop” version). This will keep you in the story loop and will give me your email to follow up with you to get your story and art on the site!

And don’t worry, if writing’s not your thing, I’m happy to set up a short call and interview you. Or, you can record your story here for free. Add a photo if you want and I’ll follow up to get the link to your recording. If you write, just write like you talk. I will edit and add supporting imagery as needed. Talk or write about what inspires you most about your horse or what you had to learn or overcome to make your connection better. If you have art or images that you’ve created that support your story, that’s fantastic!

10 ideas for a horse story

Here are some questions to help reveal your best horse stories that just might help someone else deepen his or her connection to a very special horse:

  1. What inspired you to bring a horse into your life?
  2. In what unexpected ways did your life change as a result of spending time with a horse?
  3. How do horses inspire you in your art?
  4. What horse-human relationship do you hold out as an ideal and how have you gotten closer to it?
  5. What secrets to developing eager engagement (more than compliance) can you share?
  6. What has your horse taught you about your own strengths and weaknesses that has benefited you in some way?
  7. In what way was spending time with a horse healing for you?
  8. How does viewing horses as mirrors translate to your experience?
  9. What type of horse personality works best with your personality?
  10. How did you maintain or improve your relationship after riding was no longer possible for one or both of you?

Your story could make the difference!

If enough people share enough stories with enough other people about how horses have enriched their lives, more people and their horses will benefit, and society will eventually raise the intrinsic value it places on horses. Imagine if all legislators who are confronted with making decisions affecting the lives of horses throughout the world read were directed to this site to read your story, they might begin to understand the depth and breadth of benefits horses bring society. What if your story made that difference?

One day, the terms “unwanted” and “slaughter” will never again be associated with a horse. If growing an awareness in society about the intelligence of dolphins succeeded in raising their value from acceptable collateral damage in the fishing industry to protected species with their own dolphin free label on tuna cans, horse lovers can figure out a way to keep horses out of slaughterhouses.

This site is my contribution to such an awareness campaign.

When you submit your story to, please know the intention is for the whole world to see it and share it. So please include a byline about yourself with links to where someone can buy your art online. Watermarks across the bottom are fine, please don’t use names of others in your stories and be sure you have model releases for anyone in your photos. There’s a horse and his/her person who could benefit by your story, so please be a hero today!

20 thoughts on “Share your horse stories here!

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  2. Dear Michelle

    I was overwhelmed to receive your invitation to share a story of how Zulu became my teacher. He was a very special horse with a very big heart, and what He taught me I am sure will inspire others on their journey with their equine friend. I only hope I can honor Zulu for all He stood for.

    I look forward to hearing from you and would just like to add, your site is beautiful.

    Many Blessings

    Michele Jane

  3. As the saying goes “Horses are not my whole life, horses make me whole”…my novel TRUE is about the amazing connection between horses and humans..about how we rescue each other and love through these beloved on kindle Dec. 29

  4. My name is Kristine and I have loved horses from childhood. They absolutely fascinate me. For two years, I lived in Ohio close to Amish communities and after meeting a few of the Belgians, I knew this “type” of horse was for me. At 52 years old, I found my first horse. His name is Sirrus, a Clydesdale Cross, and weighs well over 1300 lbs! He is a rescue from a PMU farm in Canada and came with many challenges…

    • Hi Kristine, thanks for sharing your story. Would love to post it! So glad you were able to give Sirrus a forever home! I abbreviated the story in your comment and will post it as soon as you can send me one of your great photos of Sirrus!

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  6. Thank you for providing this forum as an opportunity to share my life,art and spiritual evolution and their connection to my association with horses.
    I have felt that I should provide more written commentary on my art and perhaps this is the motivation to get me started. The story I would like to share will probably have a somewhat spiritual aspect to it connecting the evolution of human consciousness metaphorically with the essence, presence and being of horses. Your website is beautifully motivated toward the care and appreciation of horses and I applaud you for that.

    • Thank you, Bill! I love how you capture the essence of the equine spirit with your Chinese brush style and look forward to reading your story sharing it on the site!

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    • Learning how you listen to horses and how what you heard or felt actually influenced specific paintings shown in the story would be fascinating, Susan! I’ll give you a call!

  8. Hi Michelle. Would you be interested in an article I wrote “Gods Horses”. Just thought it might give a bit of an insight into my approach to horses and the world of EAL.
    Thanks.. Ross

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  12. My horses have inspired me to dig deeper, to check myself at the gate, so see them in a spiritual light.

    I have recently begun working with a friend who is a 3rd generation medium. We have put together a workshop – Rihannon Circle – that we will host once a month. It focuses on the unseen world of horses. We did our first one yesterday and I could not believe how my horses worked with 12 people. Fully engaged and fully participating and in their element. I have found what it is they love to do. They helped the group work through blocks through a simple guided meditation. Brought loads of information forward and helped me work on my biggest fear – talking to a group. Anyway, would love to share more. All my love Lindsea and herd. xxx

    • I’m eager to hear more about what your workshop turned up around the unseen world of horses. I share your fear of talking to a group, so I’m all ears how that shift happened for you.

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