Draft Horse Dream Comes True

My name is Kristine and I have loved horses from childhood. They absolutely fascinate me. For two years, I lived in Ohio close to Amish communities and after meeting a few of the Belgians, I knew a draft “type” horse was for me. Then, at 52 years old, I found my first horse. His name is Sirrus and he is a Clydesdale cross, weighing well over 1,300 lbs! He is a rescue from a PMU farm in Canada. This is where Susan comes in. She rescued him first!

One night as I was just dreaming at online searches, I was looking for horses in my area and saw a small thumbnail of a photo and brief description of Sirrus on Susan’s site. Honestly, it was love at first sight even though all I could see was a small thumbnail photo! A heavy sigh and a few thoughts crossed my mind—I could never afford him…I shouldn’t contact them…impossible dream. But they had an area on the site for comments so I left one, commenting on the beautiful horses.

The next day Susan contacted me about my email name because it intrigued her (it refers to Jesus) and she inquired about my church. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship leading to my first horse! Crossheart Ranch gave Sirrus as a gift to me! He had been abused and beaten severely but Susan’s husband, Stuart, did some amazing work gaining his trust and training Sirrus for trail rides.

I had the greatest challenge of my life in front of me and knew nothing about horses except that I loved them. I asked nothing from Sirrus except trust, and the love came naturally. So that’s what I did for 9 months. He was terrified of everything and trusted no one! He went from hiding at the top of our hill to snuggling in my hands with his big nose. Can a horse snuggle? You bet! It has been an amazing journey and I have learned many things about myself in the process. Sirrus is teaching me about how strong a soft touch can be and a love with trust that runs deep into the heart and changes life for good.

We are now in more horse training lessons and our amazing journey continues. Love does conquer all! And yes impossible dreams do come true! We just have to not give them up!

2 thoughts on “Draft Horse Dream Comes True

  1. If you could only hear the joy in Kristine’s voice every time we talk about the strides she is making with Sirrus, it would lift you up on even the bleakest day. Crossheart Art is truly a legacy from Sirrus, our “big guy.” He is our “cover boy;” one look at him and you can see why!

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